Monday, April 13, 2009

A Fan Letter: I Can't Find DFG Comics At My Newstand!

Dear Mr. DFG:

I am having trubble finding DFG Comics at my local newstand. I feel verry worried. I really like DFG becuz they have many of favrit heroes, like Spymaster and Captain Nepto. My mom bought me sum DFG Comics at Christmas but I have only been able to find one since then (Spy Comics: Villains #1). I shure hope you are not out of bizness because you guys are the best.

-Jimmy (Age 8)

Dear Jimmy (Age 8):

It is very good to hear from you again, Jimmy. DFG Comics is alive and well. Old "Uncle Frank" has been off on a little holiday and its just that things have fallen a little behind here at DFG -- I hope you will understand. Things are beginning to get back on track. Spy Comics Presents #5 will be out really soon. Watch for other exciting DFG Comics including Future Spy: The Invincibles of the 25th Century coming later this Spring.

Frank Daniels
DFG Production Manager (and Answer Man)

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Anonymous said...

I hope Jimmy's Mum doesn't blame his poor spelling on reading DFG Comics...