Monday, January 12, 2009

A Fan Letter: Publication Delays

Dear DFG:

I am a long-time fan of DFG, but am very dissapointed by all the recent delays in you titles. Captain Nepto Prime July and August have still not been completed, Spy Comics Presents #5 was announced for a December release and has not appeared, and the Retro-Spy Christmas Special has now been put off until next Christmas! What gives!?!? We dedicated fans want to read DFG Comics, but you folks can't seem to get them out on time. We want our comic books and yet DFG is consistently tardy in releasing them on time. What explanation can you offer?

Johnny Seamore
Vancouver, B.C.

Dear Johnny "Complainalot":

Listen punk, have you ever tried to put out a line of comic books while working with some of the biggest pig-headed creators in the industry? I can make up all the nice flow-charts and printing schedules that I want, but when prima dona creators like Todd Abbot, and yes, even our two esteemed publishers, Graves and Andrews, cannot even hand in their artwork on time, what do you expect me to do? Do you want me to run blank pages off the printing presses and tell you that the Spymaster and Capt. Nepto are caught in a snow storm? What do you take me for, some kind of shyster? I'm going to be square with you kid, working in this industry is no picnic. We have four titles (no, count that five, ever since our fearless leader introduced that stupid Spy Comics: Villains title) that I am trying to keep on schedule. Artists don't work on schedules, kid. They just hand in their work when ever than damned well feel like it. When I get it, I print it. And now, with our dear Flora gone, I'm doing all the friggin' colouring, too! I'm only one man, kid, so let up a little, okay? You'll get your comic books when I print them. And remember, their only comic books. Why don't you get a girlfriend or something?

Frank Daniels,
DFG Production Manager (and Answer Man).

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Anonymous said...

Dear Frank!
We the DFG fans want results. No lame excuses.
Get with it or get out